Membee’s Reports & Exports Service Get An Upgrade

On an average day (measured January 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015), Membee processes as many as 1,265 reports and exports per day and on average, each of those processes takes a meager 18.29 seconds to complete. That’s really fast!

The thing about data services that do a lot of “heavy lifting” such as Membee’s Reports & Exports services is that great performance can slide to irritatingly slow performance rather quickly. And when this happens, you have scramble.

Scrambling disrupts the hive so in the wee hours of Sunday, May 3rd, we basically doubled the capacity of the Reports & Exports service to avoid any sort of a slow down and to add some capacity for some Membee enhancements we have in the development pipe.

We’re just keeping you in the loop!

Server Update Required – Membee Will Be Offline for 2 Minutes Early Dec. 10

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes things can be too new. While the massive upgrade to Membee’s server infrastructure went off without a hitch this past weekend, it appears the normal updates to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 has introduced a minor issue. It looks like a required update from Microsoft to address a potential security vulnerability in the Windows Server 2012 operating system may prevent users from connecting with their copy of Membee if they are using the Google Chrome browser. Not all users accessing their copy of Membee using Chrome are affected. Weird.

Thankfully, Microsoft has re-released the update and we will be applying it to Membee’s web servers early on the morning December 10. At 5:15 AM EST (UTC -5), we will stop traffic to Membee and trigger a reboot of the web servers so the update can take effect.

The whole process will be done inside of 2 minutes.

We’ll then test Membee in Chrome and hopefully that addresses the issue for Membee users who like to use Chrome.

Follow the link below if you’re interested in the back story on this Microsoft update:


Membee Customer Service Team

Membee is Back Online – Data Center Upgrade Complete

Whew! That was a long night but everything is done. Membee came back online about 15 minutes ago.

We finished up about an hour early.

We completed our testing checklists and Membee seems to be running spendidly in its new home. Secondary testing will be completed throughout the rest of the day.

We’re hoping that you’re taking the weekend off but if you are working in Membee and encounter a problem, let us know right away by emailing the details to us at

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Membee Customer Service Team

Membee Data Center Will Bee Upgraded – Early December 6

The lights and the coffee pot will bee on early (really early – more details below) in the hive on the morning of Saturday, December 6. We’ll bee hard at the task of deploying a series of major hardware and infrastructure upgrades in Membee’s data center.

Why is Membee Doing This? Is Something Broke?

Nope. Nothing is broken, but as we continue strive to bee the best, most automated, fastest, and most reliable membership management system, it’s time for some upgrades. As we look ahead at the exciting features we’ve got in development, we see that these features will shift even more work away from Membee users and onto Membee’s server infrastructure in the data center. We think that shift is a great thing!

In our view, why should a user have to do a task when Membee can simply do it for them. Isn’t the best task a task that you don’t have to do in the first place? We sure think so and as we evolve Membee in this direction, we simply want to make sure the back end of Membee is up to the task.

Anything I Need to Do as a User?

Nope, there is nothing for you to do unless you were planning on putting in some weekend time at the crack of dawn on Saturday December 6, 2014. Even if you are planning on working in Membee on that Saturday, as you’ll see in the details below, by the time you’ve retrieved the paper from the front step and had breakfast (toast & honey of course), we should bee done.

What Aspects of Membee Will Bee Offline?

Please note that during this maintenance window, Membee will bee offline completely. During this time, the following areas of Membee will not bee accessible:

  • Membee users will bee unable to login to the back end of Membee
  • Any of Membee’s widgets running on your website will not bee accessible by visitors to your website

How Long Will Membee Bee Offline?

Membee will bee offline from Midnight (12:00 AM) Atlantic (UTC -4) to 8:00 AM Atlantic on Saturday December 6, 2014. Depending on your time zone, the maintenance window may begin in the evening of December 5.

Here’s a handy reference chart for your time zone:

Time Zone UTC Membee Offline Membee Online
Hawaii -10 6:00 PM (Dec 5) 2:00 AM (Dec 6)
Alaska -9 7:00 PM (Dec 5) 3:00 AM (Dec 6)
Pacific -8 8:00 PM (Dec 5) 4:00 AM (Dec 6)
Mountain -7 9:00 PM (Dec 5) 5:00 AM (Dec 6)
Central -6 10:00 PM (Dec 5) 6:00 AM (Dec 6)
Eastern -5 11:00 PM (Dec 5) 7:00 AM (Dec 6)
Atlantic -4 12:00 AM (Dec 6) 8:00 AM (Dec 6)
United Kingdom 0 4:00 AM (Dec 6) 12:00 PM (Dec 6)
Central Europe +1 5:00 AM (Dec 6) 1:00 PM (Dec 6)
Eastern Europe +2 6:00 AM (Dec 6) 2:00 PM (Dec 6)
Singapore & Australian Western +8 12:00 PM (Dec 6) 8:00 PM (Dec 6)
Australian Central +10:30 2:30 PM (Dec 6) 10:30 PM (Dec 6)
Australian Eastern +11 3:00 PM (Dec 6) 11:00 PM (Dec 6)
New Zealand +13 5:00 PM (Dec 6) 1:00 AM (Dec 7)

We are reasonably confident that we may bee overstating the length of the maintenance window. All of the new hardware has been up and live in the Membee data center since November 24th. By the time the actual upgrade begins early on December 6th, we will have performed literally dozens of dry runs of the upgrade process to fine tune it as much as possible.

Our confidence comes from being prepared and if by chance, we finish early, you’ll bee the first to know!

Why Does Membee Need to Bee Offline?

Membee will be offline so that we can do three things:

  1. Copy everyone’s member data to shiny new hardware (there is a lot of data!)
  2. Fire up all of Membee’s services in the new environment
  3. Point all the web traffic at the new infrastructure

How is Membee Going to Keep Us Updated?

Simple. We’ll bee posting status updates here to the Membee Status blog as they become available during the actual upgrade process and tweeting a link to the update posts on the Membee Status Twitter account.

So, the easiest way to get updates is to follow Membee Status on Twitter.

What Happens if I Encounter an Issue on My Copy of Membee After the Upgrade

We will bee “all hands on deck” before, during and most importantly after the actual upgrade process just to make sure everything went as planned and to do our own testing once things come back online.

So, if you encounter something weird after Membee comes back online, email us right away at This will immediately alert us that there is an issue and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

Brief Slowdown Due to DOS

Good Morning Everyone,

This morning at 8:14 EDT, Membee’s data center experienced an attempted Denial of Service (DOS) attack, where an attempt is made to render a site(s) inoperable by saturating a target IP address with communication requests. Thankfully the automated mitigation processes and firewalls did their job but for a few minutes, you may have found Membee extremely slow as your legitimate traffic had to fight its way through all the illegitimate traffic.

Everything returned to normal a few minutes later and as is the normal practice in these situations, how the systems responded to the attack will be analyzed to insure optimal performance.

As always, we wanted to keep you in the “loop”.


Membee Customer Service Team

Membee’s Help Desk – Limited Search

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve clicked the Help link in Membee this morning and tried to search for something, you’ve likely noticed that there is a limited list of search results returned. We’ve contacted our Help Desk provider, ZenDesk and they are looking into it right now.

In the interim, you can bypass the issue by:
1) In Membee, choose My Requests – this will take you into the Help Desk
2) Choose “Help From the Hive” on the Help Desk’s menu
3) Search from there

We’ll post an update once we hear back from ZenDesk.


Membee Customer Service Team